02 March 2011

Hooters CAN Help Your Future

I alluded to the fact in a previous post that Hooters helped me get into grad school.  And while it was in a somewhat roundabout way, in the end Hooters did indeed make me a more interesting and therefore standout candidate.  And trust me, in this economy - which only makes the application process more competitive - standing out is a must.

I've decided to post a selection from one of my letters of intent to show how Hooters, this blog and all of my faithful readers helped get me into grad school.  I could never thank you all enough for that.

After graduating with a degree in Business Administration - Marketing, I found myself not working in my area of expertise but - as many recent graduates often do - as a waitress.  While my job simply began as a way to support myself, I was able to use the drive and creativity gained through my marketing coursework to turn a simple job into a thriving second career. 

Shortly after beginning my job, I started blogging as a sort of personal journal.  Having studied blogging in my Marketing of High Tech Products and Innovations course, it seemed a timely and interesting way to share my voice.  To my surprise, people not only read what I wrote on the blog but also responded incredibly positively.  That initial response grew until - just over a year after starting the blog - I was featured as Google's daily "Blog of Note."  Suddenly I had over 10,000 daily views hungry for more content related to my experiences as a woman in the workplace.  That one big success was preceded less than a month later by an offer to write for a bimonthly magazine as a featured columnist.

When I began blogging, I had no intention of creating such a valuable experience for myself.  Now I not only have a blog that provides income - a difficult task - but also a magazine column.  I was able to take a rather ordinary waitressing job and turn it into a brand utilizing my communication, media design, web development and promotional skills that spans multiple mediums.  With persistence, hard work and drive I founded a successful business based on my creative strengths.

What you'll probably note is that I wasn't entirely specific about the content of my blog.  While I obviously love Hooters, it would be naive of me disregard the possibility of negative opinions within the selection committee.  Would it be easy to find the blog if they wanted?  Of course.  But I figured I'd rather not take the chance.

So here's to being original, standout and creative.  I guess it all worked.  

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