04 March 2011

Some People Just Can't Handle Hooters

There's WOMEN in there, George!  We're Leaving!
I will never understand people who walk into Hooters just to turn around and walk back out.  Usually the culprits are a couple between 50 and 60 (couples 60+ seem to adore Hooters - go figure).  They'll come in the door, maybe get as far as sitting in a booth - always a booth - and then leave with minimal acknowledgement such as a nod or a murmured "no."  And just like that they're gone to dine somewhere more their style, like Ihop or maybe Fuddruckers if they're feeling adventures.  Or better yet, the Cracker Barrel.  Yeah that's about right.

While I understand why people don't want to come to Hooters in the first place, I don't get why people would ever do this.  How on Earth could you not know what to expect from Hooters well before you walk in?  I mean Hooters is everywhere in pop culture and has been for over twenty years.  Do you really not what to expect?  Are you really that surprised to see girls in short shorts and tank tops?  Did the noise in a restaurant known for being fun and boisterous catch you unawares?  So sorry we frightened you.  I can only imagine that's a rather common occurrence when you leave the comfort of the rock you've apparently been living under.

But seriously, do you not know what Hooters is?  That is completely and utterly mind boggling to me.  Not only is Hooters everywhere, it's freaking called HOOTERS.  If that doesn't give you a clue I don't know what would sort of a logo of nothing but tits.

Let me give you the benefit of the doubt for about three seconds and consider that you did know what Hooters was.  Obviously at this point you thought you were those hip sort of people that can handle Hooters.  You come in and sit down and  EGADS!  Through your monocle you observe shorts which expose those horrid things called knees.  Shorts were expected, but knees are simply unacceptable.  That's all it takes to falter the delicate sensibilities of such an upstanding couple.

Seriously, it's Hooters.  Get over it.  If you can't seem to accomplish that, do yourself a favor and don't pretend you're comfortable here.  It's weird for everyone - including yourself - when you come in and leave a few minutes later.  I'm not saying you should like Hooters; I just don't want you to make yourself uneasy while you're trying to enjoy a nice dinner out.  Do us all a favor and stick to Applebees.


  1. i've been to hooters and let me say i had no problem with it. i've seen women dress more provocative than what you see in hooters. if the restaurant bothers you that much then why come in the first place? all this negative talk about hooters makes me wonder if hooters is really that bad as people make it out to be. *cough, N.O.W., cough*

  2. Here's what I never understand about Hooters or rather people who hate on it. I'm not a huge fan of the food, but I don't have problems with the place and I'm late 30s/F. All the employees are of legal age. They are working there of their own free will. If its their choice to work there so why should I care. I've been aware of Hooters since I was in my teens. Unless you live under a rock, people know what they are getting into by going to a Hooters. So, unless you just crawled out of a fall out shelter sealed in 1960, don't gripe about the atmosphere at a Hooters if you walk in there of your own free will. I find it idiotic to complain about Hooters if you go in there by choice and are waited on by employees who are there by choice. Save the moral high horse indignation for sweatshops and true exploited labor situations.

  3. Early in our relationship when pondering where to go eat, I suggested Hooter's to my then-boyfriend (now husband). The look on his face was hilarious. He was both excited and wary, not quite sure of my ulterior motives. Because since I was female, I obviously had ulterior motives for wanting to go eat at Hooter's. With him. His response? "Is this a trick question?" NO! I love Hooter's, ate lunches there pretty regular during my time at a law firm in Dallas. And our 6 year old son? He LURVES him some Hooter's. I agree with you, Sauce. People must be living under a rock if they act flabbergasted when they walk in. Love your blog!

  4. When I saw the title for this entry, I had a mental flash of Jack Nicholson bellowing, "You can't handle the Hooters!"

  5. Well, I get in line behind people all the time at Wendy's who apparently have never been in one before and have no idea what kind of food they have. Really. Drives me nuts, since the whole reason I go there is because I don't have all freaking day . . . Also, how are people gonna be indignant unless they do something like that? Being righteous, offended, and indignant is no fun if you do it at home where people can't see how morally superior you are!

  6. thats ridiculous. Its not like its a strip club. There are other restaurants and bars and on the street for that matter where women are dressed with more revealing clothes.

  7. My guess is that difference in reactions for those around 50 versus those older is that the first group is still around mid-life crisis time and more insecure. But around the senior years people start making peace with themselves and start having fun again.



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