30 March 2011

A Little More to Drink

Working as a server really shows you how self-involved people can be.  Pretty much everything is “me, me, me” all the freaking time.  And while I understand that people dine out to be waited on and have that type of experience, there is certain a point where that sort of behavior makes me want to slap a ho.  For example, when the restaurant is clearly full as shit and there are four girls on the floor and I have one of those selfish tables that is somehow completely oblivious to me running my ass off to take care of ten other tables.  That really makes me want to shake people.  Dude, I’m busy, your absolute need for a seventh ranch dressing can wait 45 seconds.

Back off, A!  CREDIT.
One of the things that really, really annoy me has to do with refills.  I’m going to state now that it’s probably pretty lame, but it bothers me so whatever.  Allow me to outline the situation.  As I’ve mentioned before, I always ask people if they need a refill because I find it polite.  So say I ask dinner A – whose glass is the only one at the table nearing empty – if they’d like a refill.  A eagerly hands over their glass for a little more Dr. Pepper which I refill.  A bit later after having returned A’s beverage, I return to the table and notice B could use a top off.  So naturally I ask if they need a little more to drink in a question clearly directed at B.  That’s when stupid A busts in and says he/she doesn’t need anymore to drink.

Well no effing duh, A.  I just refilled your shit and unless you’re some sort of dehydrated camel there is no way you’ll already need more.  But believe it or not, I’m not always talking to you.  Somehow this happens ALL the time.

Now that may seem like a really stupid thing, but it really makes me cringe.  It’s just a perfect example of how self-absorbed people are.  And that just really bothers me.  Take a moment to pull your face out of that plate of wings and realize this isn’t all about you.  In fact, you brought other people to this restaurant that – believe it or not – might also be thirsty.  Isn’t that a novel concept?

So next time you’re dinning, take the time to have a little awareness of what’s going on around you.  It’s a great way to not look like a totally selfish douche.

Now how about a little more to drink?


  1. The one that drives me crazy is "Is there anything else I can get for you besides a little more water?" only to get, "I could use some more water." as a reply.

  2. haha, I had a cranky old lady the other day. She specifically asked for a little glass of water, while her daughter got a regular one.
    As I set them down, she said, "This is NOT a small glass!"
    I said, "no... yours is right here, this is for her."

    The rest of the meal was like that, as if she wasn't even dining with another person!

  3. Dave, that bothers me too! Here I am setting the food down asking if they need anything else besides a refill and they'll shake their glass all impatiently as if I didn't just ask that. People are stupid.

  4. Yeah, people are pretty oblivious. I used to hang out in this tiny bar and one night they had this folk singer who had a huge following perform there--they were slammed. This is a place that rarely had more than ten or twelve people, and this night they had around seventy or more. Anyways, they were all ordering their drinks from the one bartender--"Gimme a Guiness. Now." They were three deep around the bar and the barkeep was still getting to them in less than a minute but that wasn't good enough. Sheesh, people.

  5. I am glad Hooters allows you to ask instead of requiring you to bring a refill out. That drives me bananas because soda is a special treat for our kids and they get one. That's it. [I know. I am so mean. Really tho', who needs more than one soda.] But it makes me feel so bad when the waitress is doing his/her job [per corporate] and automatically brings a refill and I have to send it back. I don't blame the waitress, but it makes me feel like a sh*t b/c my kids would like it and she is just being a really good waitress.



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