02 March 2011

Look at What She's Wearing

Perhaps more than anything at Hooters, I hate bitches that come in just to make fun of us.  I say bitches because this is primarily a pastime of young girls from the age of about sixteen to twenty-five with evil laughs and a plethora of cutting comments.  Generally they come in and spend their lunch or dinner making snide remarks and vicious little observations when they think you're not listening.  Of course everything is said just loud enough to make sure that you hear just enough of it to totally hate them.

OMG. LOL. LMFO.  Look at her fat head! CREDIT.
This happened the other day at a table of two girls and two boys - presumably their boyfriends - who stopped in for lunch.  At first it appeared they were trying to be the "cool girlfriend" who takes their guy to Hooters, but it became apparent pretty quickly that this was simply a ruse.  Before I even got to the table I heard, "look at what she's wearing!"  No shit, Sherlock.  This is Hooters.  I'm pretty sure you had a fairly good idea of what we would be wearing long before you got here.

And that's how it all started.  They went on to say all sorts of nice things insulting the body or intelligence of any girl that had the misfortune of passing their table.  They stared and laughed and made it a generally unpleasant experience to wait on them.  These two girls were just bringing everyone down including their dining partners who sat stone faced during the entire bashfest that was happening across from them.  Those poor boys just wanted some freaking wings.  No one was having any fun except for Bitch One and her friend Bitch Two.

Here's the thing about girls like that, when it comes down to it their really just insecure.  Perhaps people make fun of them at school or work or their simply hard on themselves.  Whatever the cause, these girls find their way to Hooters and turn all that anger on women who can't defend themselves.  They attempt to bring themselves up by bringing others down.  I get it.  I understand what's going on, but just because you're not happy with you, doesn't mean you have free reign to take that out on others.

I get that Hooters Girls seems like an easy target.  I know the stereotypes and I know that those are easy to make fun of.  You assume we're unintelligent skanks who are out to steal your pubescent boyfriends.  For the record, I'm a twenty-six year old graduate student with my own awesome boyfriend.  I don't need yours.  I've also NEVER slept with anyone I've met at Hooters.  Thanks for assuming that I have.

Please don't come to my restaurant if you're planning on being an uber bitch the whole time.  It's not fun for anyone but yourself - and I'd guess it's really not that fun for you either.  It not only makes you look insecure, but makes you look entirely immature as well.  Why don't you spend that time improving yourself instead?

Next time imagine me coming to your job or classroom making fun of how stupid you are whenever you speak or how chubby look in blue.  Now I'd never actually do those things, but you obviously would.  Grow up, dude.


  1. I think you pretty much nailed the psychological profile--and you're right, that doesn't stop it from pissing you off. And it shouldn't. I've discovered, though, that karma is a bitch. Hopefully you'll see it when the awfully embarrassing thing these girls are working towards happens. Since you apparently held your tongue and let it go you probably will. Life is funny that way.

  2. Obviously, these little girls were jealous. More than likely, they don't have what it takes to be a Hooters Girl. I do feel sorry for the boyfriends. They were probably too scared anything, because that would set them off on another tirade.

  3. they're probably mad because they can't work at hooters and feel the need to judge so it makes them feel better. plus why come to the restaurant when you know what the girls are going to wear? at least you have a job. what do they have? don't let immature females get to you and your work.



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