02 March 2009

The Girl Finds Fame...Locally

What has Hooters done for me lately?  Well if you ask around town you might hear about the Hooters Girl that sings.  That's right, she has long legs, plays the guitar on slow afternoon shifts, and opens your ranch for you so it doesn't squirt all over you!  Really though, I have gained some local notoriety as the singing Hooters Girl and people have even come in seeking me.  I'll sing for tables anytime and especially appreciate the often higher tips when I do.  One day in particular however it really paid off.

One busy Friday night I was serving a small section of tables allowing me to spend a little more time with my guests.  One of my tables had four guys and one of these gentlemen knew I could sing.

"You've got to hear this girl sing."  So I obligingly broke out the first verse and chorus of "Before He Cheats" for the guys (applause from surrounding tables) and go about severing my other tables.  

Coming back to check on the Big Daddy Bud Lights, one of the guys stopped me and said, "How'd you like to sing with a band?"  That got my attention.  Well long story short I now sing some sweet songs with a cover band and while it's not totally my thing it's still exposure and I don't even have to sing in orange shorts!

Now I just have to wait for that high-powered record exec to come in...

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