02 March 2009

Girl Lands Interview

Today I have an interview for a "big girl job."  You know, the type where you can wear slacks and cute business skirts rather than orange shorts?  Actually it's better than an interview, it's a SECOND interview and it's in my major which is a miracle in this economy.  Basically I'd have the amazing job of designing table tents, menu inserts, banners, and other promotional items for a national restaurant franchise headquartered locally.  So it's a sweet job, but it's not Hooters.

This leads me to ponder how much I want a "real" job.  The fact is I actually like Hooters in all it's tacky glory.  Yes, there are times I feel waiting tables is a waste of my graphic design and marketing skills (please don't judge my blog design based on this information, I just started and so far I'm here to talk not design) but that doesn't change the fact that I really do like it.

So what does it all come down to then?  How do I make the final decision:  Hooters Girl extraordinaire or design guru?  Basically it's going to come down to that old decision maker, money.  I mean yeah, I made over a $100 yesterday (a Sunday day shift) in tips, but that isn't always the norm and I'm not working anywhere close to full time even with open availability (how convenient for them).  I am a college grad that in effect still needs support from her parents to get by - thank goodness for supportive parents.

Final decision:  If I get the job I take it, but because of my love of Hooters I'll just keep that too.  I'll be like a super hero: conservative office babe by day, sexy Hooters vixen by night.  Now I'll just have to work on the quick phone booth change...

And yes, the prospective employer is well aware of my current position at Hooters.

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