01 March 2009

Girl on the Job

So guess it's time to devote a blog to my wonderful post-graduation "career."  If the picture didn't give it away already, I am that all-American stereotype better known as the Hooters Girl - a position filled with lycra, ultra tan nylons, perfect hair, and boobs for days.  And yes, I repeat, I am a Dean's List college grad.

How did I become a Hooters Girl?  Well it all began with a saturated job market in an economic recession, took a two week stop at the horrible retail store the Buckle, and then ended up in the body bearing restaurant of Hooters.  Eight months later I'm still selling wings and beer to middle-aged men while wearing hot shorts.

The funny part is that I actually love my job, even though it is hardly as glamours as it may seem (on the same note it isn't as degrading as most think either).  Being the first Hooters in Montana the tips are hardly as grand as most Hooters Girls receive around the country and this is the hardest part.  Everyone assumes I'm bringing home hundreds of dollars every night, but I don't - not even close.  Really though I don't mind so much because I really do love the way being a Hooters Girl allows me to connect with people; it's one of the only jobs I know where I can actually sit with my customers and learn something about them.  I am not only a waitress but someone people actually like to talk to (I've heard that the friendliness of our girls in the Montana store is not always the norm, but hospitality really is a Montana way of life).  I hula hoop with kids, I draw on balloons, I sing on tables, I dance, I play stupid games like jenga and twister and I legitimately love every minute.

I love being that All-American, cheerleader, girl next door: The Hooters Girl.

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