03 March 2009

Hooters is NOT a Crime.

After my post yesterday, I thought something my roommate said to me today was incredibly timely. In the midst of a story about one of the doctors she works under for her medical assisting internship it somehow came up that his daughter works with me at Hooters.

"His daughter even works at Hooters. He is so ashamed of her and what she does." Whoa, back it on up! My roommate in an increasingly disgusted tone had put down my place of employment - I repeat, my roommate. She then continued to talk about my coworker inserting bits about Hooters here and then where it proved her point of how awful said coworker is according to her (for the record, I think this coworker is an incredibly sweet girl).

While she vented I screamed inside, "I have a degree, you are in a two year certificate program and you are not and never will be better than me!" Luckily my ability to show some respect outweighed my urge to knock her down a peg, or two, or ten.

So where in the hell does this anti-Hooters bullcrap come from? I mean our shorts may be short but they're not that short! I wish I could personally invite all Hooters haters to try it out and then create an opinion based on actual experience rather than assumption (as much as I want to I will refrain from using a cliche based on the word assumption). I have a feeling they'd actually like the Daytona Wings...

On a side note, my dear MacBook Pro had to be sent back to Apple today and I have been forced back to the old Dell. I don't know what happened to my baby but I have a feeling one of my roommates stepped on it (the idea alone pains me). I hope it's doing well in the back of some UPS truck somewhere. Get well soon, dear friend.


  1. Ugh. Roommates. I strongly believe that for me, the only way cohabitation with another person will ever work is if, A, I am fucking the aforementioned other person, or B, if the other person originated in my womb.

  2. Wow, your roommate said this fully aware that you too are employed there? What a bitch! And I also agree... what's so wrong with our uniforms? Girls wear less clothes where I live in summer time come on.

  3. Honestly. We wear pantyhose for Christ's sake. People still think Hooter's girls walk around topless! It's absolutely ridiculous. And really, it's not like girls are forced to work there against their will. And it's not like we just stand around and look pretty. We WORK people. Yes, work. And hard. And we make great money doing it. What's degrading about that? I want to know.



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