13 March 2009

Running for Wings

So if you're gonna run a half marathon (13.1 miles for those of you non-runners) what better way to end it than with wings?! Well if you like Hooters and running than the Hooters to Hooters Half Marathon may just be the race for you.

I was pretty freaking excited about this concept when I fist came across it online. Being an ex-collegiate track athlete and one of those "running freak" type people the idea of the Hooters has a half marathon really got me going (don't get too excited, no dirty stuff).

The race, run in Fort Myers, Florida, starts at the local Hooters, meanders through local neighborhoods and includes six bands dispersed throughout the course as well as plenty of Hooters Girls turned water girls to quench the thirst of parched runners. Perhaps the best part of the race lies at the finish line. In addition to the typical post race fare of Gatorade and bananas racers can also indulge in delicious Hooters wings and beer. Pretty cool right?!

In its second year, the race - which was run on March 1st - attracted more than 700 entrants including at least 200 who signed up the morning of the event. Oh and it was a charity event too because Hooters is just cool like that. Next year I'd love to make my way to Florida to compete in this great event; I wonder if they allow you to run in the orange shorts?

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