30 March 2009

Running for a Cause

This summer I have decided to participate in a half marathon.  Now, I ran track in both high school and college but I was or in no way am a distance runner.  I was a jumper and 400 runner which basically means that most of the time the most I ran during a meet was about ten steps to a high jump bar, 80 feet to a triple or long jump pit, or once around the track (which I will have you know is a lot more painful than you may think when you consider it's an all out sprint).  So long story short I'm no distance runner.

So what would convince a very anti-distance runner (hey I did one season of cross country and hated the whole thing) decide to attempt to run 13.1 miles at one time?  Well besides the fact that it is a great way to maintain a killer bod, I have decided to run for a cause (no, a tight ass is not the cause I am talking about).  I'll be running for Youth Homes, a nonprofit which helps at-risk children in the state of Montana.  Last year the Run 4 Kids team raised over $41,000 for local children and I hope to help surpass that mark by raising at least $1,000 dollars.

I'd love if you'd donate to this amazing cause.  Please visit www.firstgiving.com/sauce to donate whatever you can!  Oh and this also gives my lazy butt more motivation to actually run so please donate!

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