02 May 2009

Hooters Takes the Field

It's spring time and spring means certain things.  Spring means new life, warm weather, and that summer is ever closer (all cliche things I realize). But, spring also means softball and we at Hooters are going to have our own team this year.  That's right, a plethora of sexy girls are coming to a softball field near you!

Now I'm not about to claim we'll be any good, but we do have some pretty amazing jerseys (modeled so expertly here by one of our cooks, nice balls by the way) and you can bet that we will mostly likely have a certain skill in player diversion.  Luckily, I will be able to enhance my skills of sexiness by taking batting practice - the perks of having a roommate who played college softball - because though I would describe myself as a very athletic girl my skills fall short a bit when it comes to softball.  Fortunately softball in Montana is really more about inebriation than athletic skill and winning so if I totally suck I don't have to feel so bad.

Tomorrow evening is our first game and as it's our Hooters Swimsuit Competition I'll most likely be the only girl on the field (remember I have the day off for the Showdown tomorrow afternoon).  So after I sing I'll be the only girl taking the field for the first ever Hooters softball team, which I find ironic for a team representing a restaurant staffed by women.  I'll have to work at those skills of diversion extra hard tomorrow.

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