04 January 2010

Hooters Kiss AKA I'm a Huge Douchebag

While I find it mildly impressive that you can drink a beer that quickly, I still think you're a super douche.  Obviously, college taught you two things: how to chug and how to be an asshole.  You must have been in a frat.  So continue your douchery and stealing kisses from poor Hooters Girls.  You get extra fucktard points for posting them on Youtube.  Oh, and I dare you to come to my Hooters.  I effing dare you.

That being said, the first part of video actually made laugh (though under my breath and most ashamedly).  The rest of course made me feel sorry for you...and your poor mother.


  1. Oh... my... I'd love him try that on my girls. He'd be on the floor crying in three seconds. Only then would I let the managers (very literally) throw his ass out.

  2. what the hell. if any guy DARED to do that to me or any of the girls in my hooters he would be dead. our cooks would beat the crap out of him. they're all super protective and consider us like little sisters.
    what i also don't understand is why all the girls would just make the :O face then act like it was okay?! i would go straight up to a manager and have that jerk removed.

  3. dang. I was hoping the last girl was going to deck him. she was the only one who seemed legitimately pissed. what a disappointment. what's up with the kiss on the cheek thing anyways?

  4. My dear Sauce, calling this guy a douchebag was being far too complimentary. If he ever does try to pull this stunt on your or any of your co-workers, please make sure that the video is posted. I want to enjoy watching this guy getting his ass thoroughly kicked.



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