04 January 2010

The Wall of Shame

This is Hooters.  Hooters is full of pretty girls.  Pretty girls get numbers.  So naturally Hooters Girls get numbers.  We generally ignore them.  Usually, a phone number is left on a napkin from some guy that mistakes your hooteriffic attitude and winning smile for real live flirting.  Sorry, usually we are not flirting; we are doing our job.  Of course most number-leaving guys are generally too drunk or too starry eyed to take notice.  So there the number is when you bus the table on a napkin or card or left in a mess of ketchup on a plate (yes I've really seen this happen).

Recently, I decided we should keep the numbers left and begin a wall of shame.  There in our changing room we have created a wall of shame filled with the evidence of semi-confident men.  I say semi-confident because leaving a number with no indication of having done so is really rather passive aggressive.  I mean can't you man up and say something if you're going to go that far?  But I digress.  The number wall has continued to grow past the photo presented below and will continue to multiply.  We're waiting for the day a number turns up twice.  That would be embarrassing for Joe or Bob or Douchebag!

Note that I have disguised numbers and names of Hooters Girls.  Note that I have not disguised names (first names at least) of those guilty gentlemen.  Sorry guys, you left the numbers after all!  And finally, notice the two numbers left on Hooters paper.  These were left on an order pad implying a Hooters Girl provided the paper.  Naughty girls!  Isn't that cheating?  Oh and finally, finally notice the nylon vending machine in the mirror reflection.  Yup, that exists too.

1 comment:

  1. haha us girls at the hooters i work at have tried to establish a "wall of shame" but someone always manages to tear the napkina/receipts down. its always a good laugh to read the poems and love notes the other girls receive!!



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