16 January 2010

Study, Study, Study

I figure that I owe you all an apology.  I said I would be better at posting.  For awhile I actually was better at posting even.  Then suddenly I wasn't so good on posting.  Shame, shame on me.  But back it up.  This time I have the most legit of legitimate reasons.  You see I am scheduled to endure man hours of torture on February 6, 2010.  I have officially signed up for the LSAT.

So basically I have been studying my ass off.  When I am not studying my ass off I am working my ass off.  When I am doing neither of those things I am skiing my ass off in a - so far - painful attempt to break in my sick new boots.  Obviously, with the loss of my ass times three, I am left with little time and ass for bloggage.  Don't worry though, on February 8, 2010 (duh February 7, 2010 is reserved for football, unless the Cowboys make the Superbowl...in that case they can suck it) I'll replace all that study time with blog time.  This means a lot of potential blogging.  Lucky us!

In the meantime, tide yourself over with photo of my awesomeness.

That's right, some of the best service they ever had.  And that was from a woman my friends.  A woman is about a gillion times harder to please at Hooters than a man - this is a fact of life.

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