06 January 2010

A Year in the Life

A year in the life of Sauce through random pictures.

There was skiing, down large and picturesque mountains.  Yes, I said skiing.  I tried snowboarding once.  I sucked and switched back to my skis halfway down the run.  Seriously.

In the summer I spent some time on lakes, which of course was gorgeous.  And lazy.  And awesome

There was also some diving.  For the first time ever.  Yes, I am 24 and just learned how to dive.  Probably my greatest accomplishment of the year.  That and making out with boys.

Along the way I touched Rodney Atkins.  David Cook was in there too, but that turned into one big blogging mess.  Thanks a lot, David.

I decided to spend a little more time on yet another lake.  Apparently I am addicted to water.  I feel pretty good about it though because I could be addicted to something serious like Facebook...or Meth.

We went downtown - a lot.  But one time there was a horse named Hangover IN THE BAR.  Seriously.  So naturally we rode him to the next bar.  He was an excellent DD.

Once I drove through a snow storm.  It was emergency travel only.  It was worth it though...

...Because I ended up in effing VEGAS for 23 hours.

And of course I watched football because I'm an American.  That's what Americans do.  Well that and get drunk.

Oh and there was Amsterdam...Montana.  The real Amsterdam was last year.  Damn

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