06 January 2010

The Million Dollar Question

So a lot of people search the following question in some form or another; do Hooters Girls wear underwear with their uniforms?  First off, that is so fucking creepy.  The fact that you think about this shit is quite frankly disgusting, disturbing and so wrong.  I really don't want to think about some perv imagining my state of undress beneath my nylons.  I'm already scantily clad, is it really necessary for you to go beyond that?  Is it really necessary for you to imagine my vagina against my nylons while I serve you hot wings?  No, I don't think that is necessary.  In fact, the very idea that you think about vaginas and food at the same time is bit off putting.  Yes, I realize you're a guy, but most men still have standards.  Standards that include not obsessing over the girly parts (below the belt at least) of Hooters Girls while you're eating.  Yes, I realize this is Hooters, but it's not a damn strip club and my vag is covered up.  Stop effing imagining it.  So allow me reiterate once again that I find you disgusting - just incase you couldn't deduce that on your own.

Unfortunately, my rant has now left most of you probably wondering about the underwear situation.  Fine, some Hooters Girls wear underwear and some don't.  It's a personal preference.  We do what we want in regards to our private areas.  I won't tell you what I do, because frankly the material surrounding my intimate areas is for my eyes only, and of course my boyfriend if he existed.  So stop thinking about what's under the uniform.  Case closed.  If you like vag that much go to a titty bar or find a prostitute - either way.


  1. In the words of a song from the musical "Oliver",

    "Oom Pa Pa,
    Oom Pa Pa,
    That's 'ow it goes.

    Oom Pa Pa,
    Oom Pa Pa,
    Everyone knows.

    Just what she's wearing,
    Under her clothes!
    When they hear Oom Pa Pa."

    There, I've revealed my high school drama geek secret.

  2. I've wondered, but only because pictures have made it look like it'd be really hard to wear panties without it showing!

  3. Yeah, this picture would make it totally impossible! Yes it is possible to wear panties but it takes a lot of careful placement. ;)

  4. I dunno, I've wondered and I'm a girl with no interest in your "vag"
    I was just curious how the hell you girls avoid the camel toe thing, because I once bought a pair of similar shorts for running, and I don't feel like I can leave the house in them! Its indecent!
    In any case I suppose its got something to do with the pantyhose, but I don't think there is really a reason to fly off the handle about it until some creep is asking you about it in person.

  5. oh I've been asked in person. That's the best part! And the camel toe...the pouch combats that. ;)

  6. I'm a hooters girl in Australia and personally I don't wear any underwear. I know some of the girls do but as you say it's up to them. It's just easier and you don't get any annoying lines. Can be a little uncomfortable sometimes and takes a bit of getting used to especially in the hot weather.

  7. I am so sorry that you have to deal with so many strange people on a day to day basis.
    Best of luck to you my dear and forget them. they have no right to be asking you that.

  8. who dosent think about wings and vag at the same time lmao

  9. Unless you (or the provider of your clothes) are on the cheap side, there is cotton in "this place". Wich makes the panty of your sheer to waist pantyhose (sheer tights in the UK) your underwear. Works also without the cotton gusset. But it's nothing any MD recomends.

    So the answer is: Yes. Some even two pairs.

    Now where is my Million? ;)



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