05 January 2010

The Cutting of Hours

January is notoriously slow in the restaurant business.  The holidays have come and gone and with them a lot of that discretionary income families would choose to spend eating out.  With a decrease in customers comes a most dreaded decrease in hours.  The six days a week I generally work have dwindled to a dismal four days a week that aren't even guaranteed.  With girls being called off shift or sent home early when the restaurant is slow, those four days can easily become two.  And it is really hard for a girl to pay her bills on two to four shifts a week.

Now, I find myself in that dreaded position of contemplating finding a second job to supplement my dwindling income.  This is immensely stressful to me.  It's not that having two jobs isn't a doable situation. It's the process of finding another job and interviewing.  It's the scheduling of two jobs around each other.  It's all those little everyday issues that will be a huge pain in my ass.  Basically, I'm stressed about the whole process of not only finding a compatible job, but also scheduling them so I give them both the attention they deserve.  Oh and I'm finishing my law school applications.  Kill me now.

Yeah, yeah, I could just quit my job and find something that has more hours, but I really love working at Hooters.  I mean genuinely LOVE it.  I like looking cute and being silly and as funny as it sounds I like being a waitress.   Yes, I get annoyed with people and hate being treated like an idiot, but overall I love being a server.  This is something I never thought I'd enjoy, yet here I am a year and half later still excited to go to work.  I never dread a shift.  I've never once been late.  I appreciate my job.  If I could work seven days a week at Hooters I would.  I'd love every minute.

Unfortunately the world is not perfect and I can't be a Hooters Girl 24/7.  So I'll start looking for that second job.  Maybe I'll be a server.  Maybe I'll be a casino attendant.  Maybe I'll be a Barnes and Noble nerd.  All I know is I will NOT work at clothing store.  I did my time at Old Navy.  That sentence is thankfully over and I will not be a repeat offender.

So what does this mean for you?  Less Hooters stories?  Hell no!  It means Hooters, plus a little extra.  It means another view into my entirely legitimate life.  It means more Sauce and everyone knows that a little extra Sauce is never a bad thing.

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  1. I've been insanely lucky this January; I'm in the middle of a six-shifts week, had one last week, have another next week. I have no idea what happened that granted me extra shifts, but I'm not complaining. Hope you get your shifts back soon!



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