15 February 2010

The Crash

Yesterday marked my very first car accident.  I went off the interstate after doing three or four 360s, only to be stopped by a fence one steep embankment later.  Yes, it was icy, but the real issue was the jackass who decided to swerve into my lane for no apparent reason other than his personal enjoyment.  Option one was to hit his ass and option two was to hit my breaks - neither seemed good.  Obviously I choose option two, on an overpass.  Luckily, after doing my series of acrobatics, I narrowly missed the guardrail (I mean seriously narrowly) ending up in the aforementioned fence that is now missing three fenceposts.

Of course the idiot who caused my misfortune didn't even stop because apparently he was way too busy to notice the car spinning behind him.  Guess he was busy singing or some shit.  So there I was in the ditch that was conveniently far enough off the road so that no one could see me.  There I was car stuck in a fence, on a steep hill, lucky to not be seriously injured.  I was fine, but I was PISSED.

Forcing my door open, I realized the car looked relatively good all things considered.  Lets just say the bumper did its job pretty damn well.  Thank you bumper.  After being pulled out for $160 however, the car was less than happy to be driving.  So I inched my way home, cursing pretty much the whole way.  My sailor mouth didn't get any better because when I got home I decided it might be a good idea to check my shit.  First, my guitar: out of tune, but the case kept it safe.  Thank you.  Second, my precious MacBook Pro: cracked screen.  Wait, what?  DEAR GOD NO.  Yes my screen was cracked and the bleeding of the screen had already begun.  Tragic.

So today I got the joy of really taking stock of it all.  Car: $800.  Tow: $160.  Fence: currently undisclosed amount to replace fenceposts of state-owned fence.  Computer: $750.  Yes, I have to replace the effing screen or cough up the $2000 for a new Mac.  One tech said replace the screen, one said buy a new one.  I say I'll use this one until I can't see an effing thing.  I am not happy about this option.  Donations gladly accepted.

And yes I am so happy to be ok.  The responding highway patrolman said had I hit the guardrail an ambulance "would have been necessary."  So don't think I'm not relieved.  Still doesn't make all the cash anymore easy to spend.


  1. Holy crap girl... insurance wont pay for anything?? I can't believe you have to pay for some jerk's lack of driving skills!!! I'm so sorry :o/

  2. My deductible is $1000 and they won't cover the computer. So since it doesn't add up to $1000 without the computer we're not reporting it. Lucky me!

  3. What a bummer. I'm sorry to hear that this happened to you. But I'm relieved that you're still alive and you made it out fine. Take care!

  4. Glad to hear you're okay! Perhaps Hans would buy you a new Mac? ;)



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