25 February 2010

The Girl and Her Birthday

So my birthday was on Tuesday.  I wasn't going to post anything regarding it because I'm not really the sort of person who is self involved enough to require every life form on Earth to know it's her birthday.  I mean, maybe when I was ten, but I'm totally over the phase now.  I will however be accepting gifts.

So why do a birthday post then?  Well because I find immense irony in the gifts I received.  There are as follows:

One Scott ski jacket
One pair tan BCBG wedge heals
One duvet cover
Two Cadbury Cream Eggs
Twenty-five dollar iTunes giftcard
One can Big Sexy Hair hairspray
One oversized, star-shaped Hannah Montana balloon
Boxed set of Harry Potter books
One bottle Patron
Three bottles Cooks Champagne
One box FiberOne bars

If you can't see the irony there allow me to enlighten you.  I mean really it's all pretty sweet, but then you get to the bottom half.  Obviously, because I'm twelve, I got the Harry Potter Books.  Because I am also an alcoholic twenty-one year old, I got booze.  And finally, because I am apparently eighty and need to be more regular, I got FiberOne bars.  This must be the sort of thing that happens when one turns twenty-five.  Suddenly, no one knows if you're young or old or dead.  This obviously complicates the gift giving process.  I can't wait until next year when I get my AARP card.

Oh and the Hannah Montana balloon is one of those jokes that won't die ever since I was Hannah Montana for Halloween.  This was probably my most epic Halloween costume ever based on overall response.  I even had a headset mic into which I sang the one line of Hannah Montana music I know.  "It's the best of both worlds!"

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