16 February 2010

Our First Calendar Girl

So I meant to post this a long time ago, but in an LSAT induced stupor I apparently forgot.  Sort of like how I also forgot that eating and hygiene are important, but not quite as sad.  Anyhooters, I finally remembered for no clear reason other than the fact my brain is still not quite right and likes to come up with random crap at even more random moments.  Sorry, brain, I apologize.  But back to the point at hand.

This year, our Hooters had our first calendar girl.  Being that we've been open less than two years this was our first opportunity to have a girl in the calendar.  Brit certainly didn't disappoint.  In fact she looks pretty effing hot.  Plus she actually has a personality.  So pretty much she can be summoned up as awesome.  Check her out here, or on Thanksgiving.  That's right she's actually ON Thanksgiving in the the calendar.  EPIC.

Naturally, people can't just be excited for Brittney; they have to have totally off base opinions that make them look really sad and jealous.  And obviously the best place to put such opinions is anonymously on the Internet.  Yeah, yeah I'm all anonymous and Internety too, but whatever you know exactly what I effing mean. 

After Brit appeared in the calendar, a local independent newspaper ran a story on her inclusion that you can read here.  The story was pretty nice and basically said what every Hooters customer already knew - that Brittney was in the calendar.  Of course the comments section was littered with both positive and negative responses because everyone loves to be an online critic.  Please enjoy some of my favorite little gems:

"...an emaciated and bikini clad woman in a submissive fuck-me pose always just screams "GOOD NEWS!!!"

"HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT?????? PULEEEEZE! BEING FEATURED IN A FAULTY, OUT OF ORDER CALENDER? WOW, WHAT TALENT! A NEW LOW FOR WOMAN KIND."  Aren’t the all caps a nice touch, really makes you seem more intelligent I think - or like a 12-year-old girl.  Either way.

"...i was surprised to see a set of midsized hooters in a hooters calendar, that's all. you know, like you don't see many mid sized whitetail bucks in "antlers" magazine, only huge racks with wide spreads."  Wait, did you just compare a woman to a "mid sized whitetail buck"?  Oh Lord, yes, yes you did.

Of course there was plenty of good opinions too.  Especially after I told all the Hooters Girls about it and we shamelessly promoted our gorgeous Brit through even more somewhat anonymous comments.  We stick together like that; it's just what we do.  Welcome to Hooters!

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