15 February 2010

Undercover Boss does Hooters

So I watched Undercover Boss last night.  I figured as a Hooters Girl this was basically like homework for me; watching was not an option, but rather a requirement.  I mean if I hadn't watched it I'd probably spend all week explaining that to people when they asked me about it at work.  Then I'd have to deal with that awkward look of "what the hell" and find some sort of clever segue to make myself not look like a total idiot.  Way too much work if you ask me.  So I did my homework like a good little Hooters Girl and I watched.

Of course I'd be lying if I said I wasn't curious.  Of course I was curious to see how Hooters would be portrayed.  I was hardly surprised.  The main point the show visited was the Hooters image and how the public views the company.  Naturally there was a healthy dose of "Hooters is degrading."  This is the same shit I hear every damn day.  Hooters is degrading.  Hooters objectifies women.  Hooters is a step above a strip club.  Blah. Blah. Effing blah.  Of course my buddy Coby, C.E.O, decided this has to change.  Newsflash it probably won't ever change.  However I don't really see that as a bad thing.  Hooters has a strong brand image and such a strongly defined brand is never going to please everyone.  What it does do, is a damn good job of pleasing its target market.  And if there is one thing all those marketing classes taught me it's certainly not that a brand needs to make everyone happy - it needs to make the target happy.  Ever heard of the 80/20 rule?  So while Mr. Brooks is worrying about changing the image and attracting completely new groups to Hooters, he'd probably be better served by attracting more of the types of people Hooters already attracts.  You know beer drinking, wing eating, hot chick liking people.  But what do I know; I'm just a Hooters Girl.

Then, of course, there is the infamous Jimbo.  Right from the start you know he's a douchebag of a manager because his name is freaking JIMBO.  Way back when he was born his mom must have thought "I'd like a white trash asshole for a son, so I think Jimbo will be just about right."  Jimbo certainly didn't disappoint.  If you haven't seen this douchetard please watch the following NOW.  Our lesson will continue after you've been properly educated.

Now that you know how truly awesome Jimbo is, lets have a little discussion.  First off, I have NEVER been asked to do anything remotely like this at Hooters.  If we're trying to decide who's going home we'll usually just draw nametags or get real crazy and have a hula hoop contest.  Heaven for effing bid.  If I were ever made to eat a plate full of beans like a dog I would walk my ass out right then and there.  If I were a customer and walked into a restaurant where girls were eating beans off a plate like a dog I'd walk my ass out too.  There is no way that is appropriate.  Ever.  Hooters even issued a memo to every restaurant about how inappropriate it was that was read aloud last week.  Hooters thinks you are inappropriate, Mr. Jimbo.  In my opinion he should no longer have a job just for that (yes, I understand franchise rules don't allow Mr. C.E.O to do that).  And that's before we even begin to talk about the way he speaks to his employees, but I could go on about that forever.  I'll just say that I would never work for Jimbo.

Beyond that I think the show was really interesting just for the greater understanding into the family behind Hooters it presented.  Obviously there is a lot going on there that the public or its employees will never understand.  Hooters is a privately owned, family company and the show made that very apparent.  While it shed a lot of light on Hooters, we'll never get the whole picture.

Oh and I watched the show with my Mom and her friend and I have to say she (friend here, not my amazing awesome Mom) is the biggest bitch ever.  She was the epitome of that "Hooters is degrading" opinion.  Of course, she's never been there because that's the best way to form opinions.  You know, by not actually experiencing shit.  Apparently the Hooters cliental is "less educated" and "lower income" and have "deprived morals."  Really, I never knew that?!  After deciding against slapping her "I work for the government and have great benefits" look right off her face I finished watching the show in my room.  I love people. 


  1. A couple of comments; you know all his friends are now calling Coby "Scooter", vistiting three stores in Texas is not, "Hooters all over the country", Jimbo's boss needs to demote him to "Human Trash Compactor", and DAMN the lunch rush looks nuts!

  2. Thank you for the insight into why Jimbo wasn't fired. I was very perplexed into why he still had a job.

    Yours In Health!

    G.E. Moon II



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