17 February 2010

Hooters Facebook Response to Undercover Boss

I found this Hooters response to the Undercover Boss episode on Hooters official Facebook page (please excuse the screwy formatting, I copy and pasted and then got too lazy to keep messing with it).  I know that everyone in the world and outer space and purgatory and Istanbul has Facebook these days, but just in case I decided to just copy the whole thing here.  Besides it makes my blog look more awesome and official and full of legitimate content.  Anyway, here it is.  Please note my favorite part: JIMBO RESIGNED.  Fuck you Good luck with your further endeavors, Jimbo.

Since the "Undercover Boss" episode featuring Coby Brooks, Hooters President and CEO, aired last Sunday, we have received many comments and questions about the employees involved with the show. Let us fill you in:

Jimbo - Hooters of America, Inc and our franchisee Texas Wings, Inc., appreciate your concerns about a manager's treatment of Hooters Girls in Texas during “Undercover Boss.” We agree with those concerns and agree that Coby Brooks, the President and CEO of Hooters of America, Inc. would have dealt with the manager immediately except the CBS contact requirements and the realities of "reality TV" did not allow for this result. The Company believes that you are entitled to know the following:

1. Hooters of America and Mr. Brooks were bound by a complex legal agreement with CBS not to disclose anything about the contents of the show, including the name of the owner of the restaurant; Texas Wings, Inc. Coming out of the Undercover role to discipline the manager in some way would have violated the CBS agreement. Now that the show has aired discussion is possible.

2. The manager in question resigned from his duties as an employee of Hooters and has left to pursue other options outside the Hooters system.

3. Texas Wings is the largest franchisee of Hooters of America and successfully operates 42 Hooters throughout Texas. Hooters of America is confident that the Texas stores are among the best managed and most successful in the Hooters system.

Hooters has a longstanding and highly effective policy protecting employees from all harassment. Hooters of America and Texas Wings are confident the incident portrayed on Undercover Boss is in no way representative of conduct within the Hooters system, which employs over 25,000 people at 460 restaurants in 42 states and 27 countries.

Marcee took her children and parents to Marco Island, FL for a week.
Here is a letter she wrote to Coby after her trip.

First things first. THANK YOU for the wonderful experience my family and I shared over our vacation in Florida. We all had a blast.
My girls had a blast on the airplane flights. They thought they were pretty special flying business class for all 4 flights there and back. They couldn't grasp the concept that we were flying to Florida to stay a couple days. They thought they were just going to fly to Florida and then immediately home. They filled up on cookies and sodas the whole way to Florida and back home which made for an eventful evening to say the least.

We took everyone on a dolphin explorer adventure that was fantastic. I have never seen a dolphin that close besides at a zoo. I felt like a kid myself screaming out where the dolphins were. The girls learned a lot from the knowledgeable staff on board. They even received a dolphin explorer badge which they were excited about.

We visited the Naples zoo where we saw a fussa. The Naples zoo is the only one in the SW to have one. Quite a rare creature as it is part cat and a few other animals which the zoo is not sure what the fussa is mixed with. If you have ever seen the movie Madagascar it is the deadly fussa all the lemurs are terrified of. The fussa's main diet is lemur which says enough.
We spent a few days on the beach collecting lots of shells in the early morning hours. We built many sand castles and quite a few holes for the girls to hide in. This was the girl's first experience at the beach and they found out very quickly that the water in the ocean is not the same temperature as the pool they are use to here at home.

The beautiful condo, oh let me say it again the beautiful condo we were fortunate enough to stay in was what you would see in a magazine or on TV. The views were incredible and spectacular. We could see everything not to mention the perfect view every night of the sun setting above the ocean.

We really enjoyed ourselves on the vacation of a life time. From flying business class which I know was a first for everyone to the beautiful views from the gorgeous condo we stayed in to enjoying each others company. I will always be grateful to you and your staff for helping me accomplish spending more time with my kids without having the worries and stress of work in the back of my mind.

Thank you again for your generosity. I will never forget this experience. 
"Hooters Rules" drawn in the sand.

Amanda and Brittany 
Amanda and Brittany on the sidewalk with Coby during the filming.
The Hooters Girls that helped Coby hand out wings on the sidewalk are at the Hooters headquarters in Atlanta this week working on Orange Pride, an internal PR campaign that educates Hooters Girls on the positive things Hooters does within the community and what they can learn from their experiences n the restaurants to help them in their future. Whether they become business professionals, community leaders or soccer moms the qualities they learn from being Hooters Girls will give them the confidence and skills to be the best at what they do.

Hooters has raised $200,000 for the Tom Valentine Fund.
Hooters is currently raising money for the Tom Valentine Fund to support Operation Homefront. Dave will be presenting the check to the organization during the Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant in Hollywood, FL this July.

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