25 February 2010

Hooters and The Dirty

So a few posts back I showed off our very first Hooters calendar girl.  Basically, I went on and on about how wonderful my Brit s because she is pure awesome.  Of course when you mix awesome with hottness and personality, jealousy is quick to follow.  And what better place for jealousy than thedirty.com.

If you are unfamiliar with The Dirty, it's basically a gossip site that chooses to focus on real people.  They call it "reality blogging" by the very first "reality blogger" Nik Riche.  This is pretty much a fancy way of saying that jealous bitches and perverts send in pictures of girls (mainly) so anonymous internet creeps can blast people after Mr. Riche basically says he's too good for any chick under the sun.  Generally, a post will consist of a few drunken photos of a really hot chick and then countless comments about how her size 0 body is "fat" or that she needs "+2s" (douche talk for fake boobs) or countless other ridiculous things that make no sense in the real world.

Anyway, back to the point because I've notice I have a terrible talent for digression.  My favorite Hooters calendar girl ended up on this infamous excuse for a website.  Please enjoy the hilarity that ensues here!  Observe Nik Riche's response, "...Ladies if you are going to waste you money on +2’s please shoot for 450cc’s or higher.  Small +2’s just make your legs look fat like this girl."  Wow, Nik, insightful and full of substance!  You're a king doucher.

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