17 August 2010

Reader Stories: Wingersizing

I present you with the first of hopefully many reader submitted stories.  And this one come all the way from freaking Australia.  Australia, people!  So all you folks in California and Florida and Texas and other places with lots of Hooters better lock it up because you just got owned.  Now submit people!

Some friends and I took a trip to the States last year (from Australia) and of course Hooters was up there on our to-do list.  We went to one close by, in Santa Monica I believe and were seated by the window. While we were waiting for our food, I happened to glance outside and noticed a rather large man performing some very odd stretches.  He would squat, then lift one leg, then squat again and transfer to the other leg.  He did this repeatedly for a good 10 minutes then sat down again like nothing was weird about that at all.

I noticed the girl serving him was heading out with a plate of wings, and stopped her to ask what the hell was up with him. She said he was a regular, and that he always came along for all you can eat wings (or something like that) and in between plates he did his stretches, apparently it helped him make more room so he could eat more wings and get his money's worth. She thought he was hilarious, as did we.

Peet (read more of Peet's awesomeness on her blog, www.peetcancook.com)

Dear Lord, I effing love this.  What I love most though is that my new best friend Australian friend, Pete, had the foresight to take a photo of this amazing moment, which I submit to burn your eyes and possibly blind you now.  I apologize for any Lasik treatments you may require after viewing the photo below.

Yes, that is the culprit stretching his way to overeating, wingalicious happiness.  Someone should find him and tell him to make a workout video; he'd probably make millions.  Stretching/wing eating supersets?  Yup, this man is clearly a genius.

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  1. That is effin highlarious-no wonder our obesity rate is at an all time high!

  2. haha! thanks for posting my story! :)

  3. Of course! How could I not post it? It's hilarious!



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