15 August 2010

Receipt Art: August 12, 2010 (Now in Technicolor!)

Since I sucked and totally missed out on the vast receipt art opportunities that Shark Week afforded me, I decided to have my own belated Shark Week.  Whatever.  I do what I want.  This was my Shark Week and you'll just have to deal with it.

Now, besides this receipt art being totally Jaws-tastic, there are number of other totally sweet things going on that I took the extreme time of two minutes to label for you.  First, note that this receipt art is not just one color, but three.  That's right, I went Wizard of Oz on your ass and blew your mind.  Of course the colors got all washed out when I used the high technology that is a cellphone camera to capture this beauty - hence the labels.

Second, and I'm sure you already basked in how awesome this is, note my parent's AMAZING counter top that is so vintage I might die.  Yeah, I'm being a good daughter and visiting mom and dad.  How could not use this visit home to display such an amazing example of 50s Americana?  I really think the pink and white boomerangy things add a lot to my art.  Thanks for only renovating one bathroom, mom and dad!

And would someone warn that guy with the fishing pole that he's facing imminent  doom?

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