28 August 2010

Receipt Art: August 28, 2010

After being sick and watching a far greater quantity of television than I normally would, I decided to invest in one of those Sharpie Pens that I kept seeing commercials for.  Congratulations, Sharpie, you got me.  All that shit I learned in my marketing classes about TV being a dying media vehicle seems to be only mostly true and not totally true.  Whatever, I'm all off topic now.

So I bought this Sharpie Pen and it has added a level of precision to my receipt art that I once only dreamed of.  I love you, Sharpie Pen.  You complete me.  I see this as the start of a long, happy relationship.

Here is a work of art produced with my beloved Sharpie Pen for a cute little couple from Ohio traveling the wild west.

As you can see, the Sharpie Pen allowed me to effortlessly capture the high points of their journey.  Yeah, I fudged the geography a whole bunch and put important things in all sorts of not right paces.  Get over it.  Art knows no bounds and no directions.  Take that deep thought and meditate for a bit.  Continue reading when you feel at one with yourself. 

There is Old Faithful and the Yellowstone River and Flathead lake and the mountains of Glacier National Park and even one of the ski areas down in Jackson, Wyoming (only yuppies and tourists call it Jackson Hole I'll have you know).  You truly amaze me, Sharpie Pen.  I am just so happy.

In addition to this receipt wonder, I got my second receipt art from a customer today.  Only this one was special because it added to the drawing I left for them.  I thought this was most ingenious.

As you can see, I left a nice little fishing scene.  Yeah, I've drawn this before, but give a girl a break.  It would be totally insane for me to draw a different thing for EVERY customer.  So I have my standards.  Fishing is a standard.

Anyhooters, I left the fish and my customers added the "USS YOUR WELCOM" complete with a little sailor waving out a porthole.  The use of space may suck (note the lack of an E) and the grammar may make me gag, but the thought is sweet as can be.  Your welcom!

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  1. There's nothing more exciting than a great artist learning to use new tools or expanding into a new medium! (Glad you're feeling well enough to post, btw.)



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