09 August 2010

And Sometimes Customers Even Make You Smile

Sometimes a nice little friendly note is almost better than a big tip.  Yes, I clearly like money and you can go ahead and give me as much as you want of it.  My bank account certainly won't complain about being filled to the brim with dollar signs.  But a big tip can't tell you thank you as literally as a note.  Money talks, but not that loudly it seems.  That's why it's nice to see a note of thanks.  This means that not only was the service good, but it was good enough for you to take the time to let me know just how good it was.

The other day, I had a server I enjoyed so much at Chili's that I left her a receipt art right there on the credit card receipt.  I never got to see her reaction, but I know I'd appreciate that crap.  Sometimes the simplest shit can brighten someone's day.  And I like brightening days.

Recently, this little nugget really made me smile.  It was from the cutest little girl ever and she apparently thought I was totally wonderful.  This could have something to do with the fact that I drew her a princess on her receipt (yeah, I wish I had a picture of that gem as much as you probably do right now), but whatever, I'll still take the credit.  It's official, I'm "the best waitress ever."  You read it here first.


  1. Aw. . . there's nothing like making a child's day!

  2. Thanks for making the world a better place by leaving people receipt art!

  3. I love it! That's fantastic :-) What a sweetheart.



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