05 August 2010

Receipt Art: Shark Week

I am a nerd.  I watch the Discovery Channel.  Feel free to judge me.  Do not however judge Shark Week because a great white shark will jump out of your computer screen and bite your face off after fin-slapping (similar to pistol-whipping) the shit out of you.  If you don't know what Shark Week is I advise you to get out from under your rock and turn on your television and experience a weeklong extravaganza of oceanic power.  It is truly epic.

Naturally with that sort of passion I had all sorts of plans to include sharks in my receipt art.  But as is often the case, sometimes the best of intentions remain only that and my sharks have failed to grace a simple receipt.  It seems that INCREDIBLY busy shifts don't allow room for much creativity - even when it includes one of the seas' fiercest predators.  I was left to repeat my staples.  Sad face.

Since I failed most epically, I decided to show you what Shark Week should have looked like.  I might even like this better.

Clearly a shark would eat a deer.  Not a surprise.  Check out that death grip.

Oh, you think the shark would ruin that cow's day.  Eff the cow.  This shark is shooting for the moon.

Everyone knows that sharks hate the letter L.  They however have no beef with the letter M.

Sharks think umbrellas are for pussies.

That beer has a VERY hoppy bite or there is a shark in it.  Either way.

Oh, you think the shark should be in the water?  He knows you'd be expecting that so he decided to fly up and blot out the sun with his massive jaws.  You've been eclipsed.

So that's how Shark Week SHOULD have gone.  What?  You say the week isn't over?  For me it is.  I know, I'm a disappointment.


  1. These are great! I didn't see the shark at first - but started laughing when I did.

    We have serious Shark Love in our household too. But no cable this week, so no Shark week. :(

  2. Well done Sauce. Love it! Shark receipt week rocks. Now share your magic and please tell me what program did you use to make those fantastic little masterpieces? I can barely post pictures without blogger scrambling my text and such... (Technologically challenged, you ask? Why yes, yes I am.) Nothing like 4 hours of your life lost to unscrambling a blog. Bastards. I'm not bitter, promise ;) Anyway, back to the point. Super post! Have a great week. I, myself am headed out to toast my buns here in Austin, Texas. Frankly we've had entirely too much rain and thus my skin cancer and liver damage efforts must redouble this week. Making lemonade (vodka twists) while the sun is shining so to speak...

  3. "Live every week like it's shark week."

  4. I used PhotoShop though this could easily have been done in MS Paint (I have a MacBook though so Paint doesn't exist here). This is a pretty crude use of the program for me, but I think that's what makes it look so very funny.

  5. "This is a pretty crude use of the program for me, but I think that's what makes it look so very funny."

    I was just about to say. It's so much better that way; silliness is increased exponentially.

  6. Super cute! You're hilarious, by the way. Not at all a disappointment. Have a great week!



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