17 January 2011

Change is Good

So I've decided to make some changes to the ol' blog that I think you'll love.  Of course if you don't love them you can go ahead and lie to me.  I hear white lies are totally acceptable and even preferred in situations such as this.  Or if your friend has suffered a really bad sunburn or bad haircut or just looks like hell one day.  But honesty is cool too.  Whatever.  You're gonna love it.

Get ready my friends for some epic awesomeness in the days to come.  Don't worry, the content won't be changing.  Unless you count it getting more awesome - which I have a few plans for.  Anyhooters, most of the changes will be cosmetic.  Cosmetic and  AWESOME.

So if I post a little less than normal in the next week it's because I'm preparing for blog domination.  And then world domination.  One step at a time.

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