18 January 2011

Welcome to AccordingtoSauce.com

Goodbye girlandguitar.blogspot.  You're now on the new and improved accordingtosauce.com!  While the old address will still bring you to the blog, this new address is just way cooler.  Humor me and use it so I can feel important.

If you're one of the totally wonderful people who links to my blog, please update your link (or at least change the name associated with the link).  Thanks again for spreading the Sauce.

Also, my contact email has changed along with the URL.  Please address all of you comments, questions and what not to Sauce@accordingtosauce.com.  

Now I'm going to bask in my officialness.  And my ability to make up words.


  1. Are there supposed to be three c's in the email address? I'm assuming that was a typo. Loving all the changes to the blog, by the way! =)



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