25 January 2011

Hooters of America Belongs to Someone Else Now

Hooters of America was sold yesterday for $19 bagillion.  That sum approximately equates to "the cost of sale wasn't released."  Chanticleer Holdings Inc. now owns a controlling interest in Hooters after purchasing Hooters of America which held 120 corporately owned stores.  Because owning things is fun, Chanticleer also purchased Hooters largest franchisee, Texas Wings.  This means they own nearly half of all domestic Hooters.  Clearly this is a sign that they have decided to take over the world.

So what does this mean for Sauce?  Evidentially nothing I am told.  But with buying not just HOA but also Texas Wings, I have a feeling Chanticleer plans on trying to buy more people out so they can own a most epic Hooters empire.  Then they'll put a Hooters in space.

But that's just my thoughts.


  1. Bahahaha...I'd visit space just to say I went to Hooters there.

    This would be a good time to mention that I'm giving you a LOL award. Your turn to pass the torch; instructions on my blog.


  2. Someone has to be the 1st in space! Why not hooters? ;)

  3. Hopefully it won't have any impact on you. Any *negative* impact, that is.

  4. The Hooters from space shirt would definitely be a coveted wardrobe item.

  5. Hey I also nominated you for an LOL Award! Check it out at http://gratuity-not-included.com

  6. I work at a small local bar and it's been up for sale for a while. If we were bought out i'm sure they would change EVERYTHING about the lovable little place. Luckily you work for a brand who already has a great name for itself.

  7. It seems kind of ironic that the sale of Hooters happened not long after the airing of "Undercover Boss" on CBS. I wonder if appearing on the show was a way for the former owners to "showcase" their business?

    Yours In Health!

    G.E. Moon II



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