12 January 2011

What Do You Want?

Recently, I've been doing a lot of thinking regarding how I can improve this blog.  It's not that I want to make vast changes, I just see the value in small - or not so small - changes that increase value.  Basically, I want to make this blog better for the people who read it.

So I've had all these ideas.  Layout changes.  Name changes.  Heading changes.  Just random crap.  And then I thought if I'm going to be making any changes I might as well ask my readers what they want.  After all I'm not the one who's looking subjectively at this blog every day.  I just write shit.

Now I open it up to you.  What change would you like to see on "Girl and Guitar?"  Seriously.  Give it to me straight.

Now lets make some presidential decisions and shit.

I did have a real reason for this picture once.


  1. Personally, I find it much more interesting and entertaining if you write about whatever is on your mind in whatever way you feel you need to. You can change whatever you want--I know whatever you do it'll be cool--but it's fine just like it is. To me. But I'm old and I hate change!

  2. You can change the layout, or the header, i don't mind.
    But for your writing, please stick to it !

  3. More orange please!!! I love your writing, so please don't change that, but I think your page needs some more colour!

  4. Hooter According to Sauce. Nuff said. x

  5. I'm nominating your blog for "best kept secret". Hopefully some of your other readers will as well because today is the deadline & I'd like to see this blog win an award! =)
    Go here to vote : http://2011.bloggi.es/

  6. More Hooter's serving horror stories. Maybe have a couple posts from your coworkers as "guest writers"?

    It is a hooters blog and I think interesting stories at work, interactions with people is what draws readers.



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