18 January 2011

It's Good to be Back

When I got back to work this weekend I was in the best sort of mood.  The type of mood that can only be achieved after three weeks on a fabulous European vacation where you almost totally forget the meaning of the word "responsibility."  It is a well-documented phenomenon at Hooters that one of the best ways to be a better Hooters Girl is to not be a Hooters Girl for a while.  It's a foolproof method of improving one's ability to be Hooterific.

Yes, I was happy to be at work.  It was probably halfway through my Saturday shift that I realized how incredibly lucky that makes me.  I mean how many people go on vacation, come home and actually look forward to going to work?  I have an inkling that doesn't happen to everyone.  Actually I think most people go into a fit of depression on returning to their desk or cash register or heavy machinery.  Don't get me wrong, there are days I hate my job after dealing with yet another snobby douche that believes my whole purpose is to shower them with ranch dressing and endless refills for a fat 10% tip, but mostly I love what I do.  That shit even surprises me sometimes.

Realizing how much I liked being back at work led me to acknowledge that people WILL tip you better if you're genuinely in a good mood.  Believe it or not people can see through your "I'm at work and I'm going to force myself to be sugary sweet and peppy as eff" bullshit.  They will reward you being for genuine.  This was confirmed by two days of awesome tips.  Of course my good mood had little to no effect on those people who suck in general.  Nothing can increase tips from those yahoos.  Not even me serving their food on solid gold dishes and shitting diamonds.  I've come to accept that fact.

But the best part?  People actually missed me.  Managers wanted to schedule me.  Hooters Girls wanted to work with me.  And regulars wanted to be served by me.  Actually, regulars wanted to be served by me so badly some even stopped coming in until I came back to town.  My ability to be totally legit has officially been confirmed by compliments, hugs and cold hard cash.  I call that job security, my friends.

So welcome back.  This shit is on like that one Super Nintendo game with the big gorilla that wears a tie.


  1. Yep, you're so lucky. I dread going back to work after being off for a while. *shudder*

  2. all the new stuff looks great! and for that picture on the right...is that justin bieber?

  3. "Believe it or not people can see through your "I'm at work and I'm going to force myself to be sugary sweet and peppy as eff" bullshit. They will reward you being for genuine." <-- This is great and so true!!! I'd love to post this in my restaurant for all the servers to see!!

  4. I understand how you feel about loving your job! I'm a pharmacy technician, and for some reason I love coming back after vacations. After one, I was run off my feet for the entire day, but I still came home saying I felt satisfied with my work.
    Also, that Super Nintendo game would be Donkey Kong if I'm not mistaken - the earliest incarnation of Mario we see. (I'm also a huge geek.)



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