02 January 2011

Random Photos to Prove I Still Exist

I now present you with a selection of photos from my current European adventures.  This serves to simultaneous prove my existence to the world and prove my high level of awesome.  Enjoying basking in my shitty photo skills.

I celebrated my Christmas by attending the symphony.  This was held in a gorgeous concert hall that made me feel as if I should be wearing some type of gown of fineish material.  Of course rather than wearing a fabulous gown I was nearly falling asleep because I was naughty and celebrated Christmas Eve by having a drink or ten.  But for the record I actually like the symphony.  I however do not like the Dutch custom of at least five ovations after each piece.  That's not an exaggeration.
Concertgebouw, Amsterdam

Here I've thrown in a classic Dutch photo for you.  That's pretty much all I have to say.  Well besides the fact that I didn't notice how gross the water looked in real life.

This is the Rijksmuseum and it's home to lots of famous shit like Rembrandt's "Night Watch."  Of course it's actually closed for renovation so I paid €12 to see a small portion of artwork and wait in line for two hours.
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

In addition to seeing the masters, I attended the Cobra museum which celebrates a modern art movement.  Cobra stands for Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam and was basically a clique for really cool artists.
Cobra Museum, Amstelveen

This is modern art.  Or something that would be really weird if you were drunk.
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam 

This is also modern art.  It's a collection of people's heights marked on all four walls of a room.  Somewhere in this mumbo gumbo is my name.  Yup, just a face in the crowd.

This is my Dad's hometown, Utrecht.  I'll now be obvious and point out that it was foggy. 

In the Dom, we lit four candles for each of my grandparents.  I - and my family - am not particularly religious, but it was a peaceful, important and needed moment.
Dom, Utrecht

We also spent the foggy day visiting with my cousins who live in a windmill.  Seriously.  My cousins live in an effing windmill.

Then finally it was New Year's Eve.  I'd love to tell you all about that, but I don't quite have all the holes in the story sorted out.  I did spend the holiday in Amsterdam after all.  I will however provide you with one of three pictures I took during the festitivites.  I will also point out that I was not drunk at this point.

There you have it.  Photographic proof that somewhere in the world Sauce is still doing her thing.  One week left in Amsterdam.  Sigh.


  1. Lovely pix, Sauce! And I'm glad you're hearing that you had a nice New Year's Eve--had a few like that myself, back in the day. Never did get all of the stories about those times . . . anyways, enjoy your trip, make it back safe and sound!

  2. I love that your cousins live in a windmill :-)
    I'm so glad you've been having a good time and that you were able to have that special moment honoring your grandparents. Stay safe and have a great time! Oh, and you're not just another face in the crowd. Your name is there, and that's significant. :-)



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