18 January 2011

Yup, That Just Happened

Welcome to the the start of my changes.  Yeah, I'm excited too.

In addition to the background (which I spent entirely too much time on) and header change, I've also added several pages to better organize the blog.  This has allowed me to include a lot less crap in the right hand column.  Theoretically this should make life easier for all of you.  Or at least it'll look prettier.  Which makes me smile.

Feel free to leave any comments regarding the look and usability of my new setup.  They'd be greatly appreciated so I can make sure everything is working correctly.

Good news, Dreamy only called me a nerd seven to eight times during this - initial - reformatting.  It's only really true if he calls me that ten times.  Bullet dodged.

Oh and if you noted the the URL no longer matches the title, that will be changing too when I'm not sleep deprived.  I'm planning on a real, live, honest to goodness URL without all the blogspot stuff.

This shit is getting official.


  1. Not bad! Makes me think I need to declutter my blog, too.

  2. This looks amazing! Great job! :)

  3. Looks Great!! Was this a template you customized or a program you used to create the background? It's pretty awesome and I have some ideas for my store that this would work great with!!

  4. As far as the URL goes, are you leaving blogger for Wordpress? Inquiring fellow geeks want to know!

  5. Tots, I did the background in Photoshop and it took me a LONG time involving a lot of effects and design. For example, I made the whole string of lights myself which probably took the longest. It was a labor of love! For some reason it is slightly blurred when I put it up, but I still love it.

    And Ned, I am not leaving Blogger. I did think about the idea quite seriously, but since I was a Blog of Note way back when, I felt sort of bad about the idea of abandoning Blogger. While Blogger is not as customizable, it has greatly improved in the last year so I'm sticking with it. The URL will be a purchased URL, but the blog will still be hosted on Blogger.

    I'm glad you guys like it and keep the comments coming if you notice anything else. Thanks!

  6. Nice look. love the header with the hooters gal in the crop top



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