15 June 2009

The Best Text Message of All Time

Last night, in the middle of a drunken friend to sober friend text conversation, I received what is quite possibly the best text of my whole life. That’s right, out of thousands and thousands of messages from my lifetime I have hands down received a text the likes of which I will never receive again. My texting life is utterly complete – but never over.

My roommate to be, who is basically the male version of me, was drinking in celebration of his impending departure for Europe (lucky) and I was lying in bed finishing my book (loser). He was regaling me with tales of playing beer pong with a wedding party and two possible lesbians when he sent me a text that will forever remain locked in my phone.

P.S. Ur legs make me believe in God

I love my legs. I love my 37 inch inseam. I love short shorts. Apparently I am not the only one to appreciate these facts. Apparently, these facts have not only been appreciated, but appreciated biblically. AWESOME. My legs and I can’t wait to move in.


  1. ugh. i'm so jealous. i want nothing more than longer calves. if i was a dude, i'd totally be a leg man.

  2. One Halloween my girlfriend was dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and someone told her she had great legs. But that someone was a guy who dresses as a girl professionally (and was in costume at the time), and I'm pretty sure he thought that she was too.

  3. As someone with shorter-than-average legs, I'm ridiculously jealous of girls that have long legs and can look effortlessly long and lean. You are really SO lucky.



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