05 June 2009

What The...?!

Behold the most amazing piece of automotive beauty that has even been created by the hands of American autoworkers. It is not van, not truck, but rather some amazing combination of the two that I had once only dreamed of. Driving past this vehicle everyday I can't help but be inspired by its white trash wonder. I imagine its driver to sport a mullet of the most epic proportions because a man that's truly business up front and party in the rear would probably revel in the ability to bring this motto - nay lifestyle - to his daily driver.

Behold that which before could be captured by no name, for it is two things, not one. It is van, it is truck, it is...


No vehicle has ever captured the imagination of a hou
sehold as the vuck has captured the awe and reverence of me and my roommates. To the man, woman, or amazing otherworldly being that designed this vehicle, we thank you. Not only have you created a deep love for the vuck, but inspired the most epic house Christmas card every produced at a Wal-Mart photodesk. That's right, the vuck was in our Christmas card and now it's in my blog. The world is good.


  1. It's actually a 5th-wheel trailer hauler. I race a small formula car and there are a couple that show up at my track with their car trailers on the back.

    But I LIKE Vuck! I'll pass that on!

  2. Yeah, Vuck certainly has a ring to it...please feel free to bring this word to the world!



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