05 June 2009

Running From Camera

I chanced upon an incredibly legitimate (that's right, so good that 'legit' wasn't even enough to handle this shit) blog today. It's called Running From Camera and that's it, just running and cameras. The man behind this ingenious blog does nothing more than puts his camera self-timer on for 2 seconds and then turns and attempts to get his ass as far from the camera as he can.I also enjoy the fact that my faceless, running friend does all his running in the Netherlands. Besides the fact that the Dutch are crazy fun, I am in fact Dutch - I have the passport and wooden shoes to prove it - so I like this blog all the more. You can always count the Dutch to do something so random that it is purely amazing (if you don't believe me you should meet my dad and then proceed to make him say words like 'marijuana' and 'vodka').

Maybe I'll try this sometime...in front of the vuck...

1 comment:

  1. omg i love those pictures! I think this is the same guy that did those whimsical children's photos :o)



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