09 June 2009

Hooters Newest Bartender

Apparently bar training is the thing to do at the moment, K.H. is doing it and now it seems I will be too! Unlike K.H.’s training though, our bar training is not open to all the Hooters Girls, but rather only certain girls are trained. Why would they only train certain girls? Well, that’s simple; our management wants a very certain type of personality behind the bar. Specifically, they’re looking for the sort of girl that is commanding enough to keep people sitting around for hours on end aimlessly drinking until they suddenly realize they’re been there fourteen and a half hours and the Mrs. is going to be beyond freaking pissed that your meatloaf is cold. It seems I have just this sort of personality.

Needless to say, at my Hooters it is very exciting to be asked to be a bartender. First, it’s a privilege and not a right, but perhaps most importantly our bartenders typically make more money than our Hooters Girls – and who doesn’t love a little more cash! Also, in a college town where every second door on the street leads to a bar (or at least a sleazy casino), bar training is a heavily prized asset. Basically, after my training I will be a commodity.

So I’m really looking forward to this new chapter in my Hooters life. I do have to say I’m a little nervous to leave my security blanket pouch behind, but I’m sure the extra money will make me forget the possibility of embarrassing front bits.


  1. Not sure how they do it at your Hooters, but at mine they allow us to tuck a folded towel in to the front of our shorts. It hangs down and conceals any camel toe that might otherwise show.

  2. I wish...no coverage at all...just me and the shorts. :S

  3. Same with my location. You gotta have balls.

  4. I'm a new bartender, too, as of today! I guess summertime = new bartender time. lol



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