29 June 2009


I hate moving. I especially hate moving when I've been made a mute by some hellish illness that has been utterly dominating the shit out of me. Lugging mattresses and swallowing fire is not a happy combination and has resulted in causing me to be quite cranky. Add the loss of my voice - and with it the ability to complain - and quite cranky quickly evolves into PMS worthy bitchiness. Needless to say, I am eagerly anticipating a three day weekend. God Bless America.

So please forgive the lack of posting. My posts would probably be so incredibly dripping with my usual sarcasm that you'd have to carry a weed whacker or machete just to get through them. You can thank me for my consideration if you like.

On a lighter note I did meet a guy who's favorite word is plethora. I have been in word love with plethora since junior high. Perhaps this is a match made in vocabulary heaven.


  1. Plethora: an interesting choice, since I think that the evocativeness of the word all depends on how you pronounce it. I'm not sure how to spell pronunciations, but its sort of like ple-th-OR-ah versus ple-th-er-ah. I think that the former is both the correct and preferable pronunciation. Anyway, the point is: if you can agree on all that, that's a fine start indeed.

  2. Mike,

    Come to Boston, we'll give a great lesson on how to massacre the English language.


    Good luck moving Sauce



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