05 September 2009

Epic Grammar Fail Number Two

I have come to realize that Hooters is severely grammatically impaired. It all started with "Hooters Understand." Apparently, Hooters doesn't understand simple, elementary grammar. I say this because once again a sign has appeared at Hooters with an all to obvious error. One mistake I can - grudgingly - forgive, but two and someone is quite obviously a dumbass. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, I must be a total freaking grammar idiot.

OK, here's the background on epic signage fail number two. As noted yesterday, football is a major deal. If football is a major deal, you can bet that Hooters, and every other place in town, is going to do whatever it can to cater to fans. One of the more popular game day perks is for bars and restaurants to offer buses to and from the game. The benefits of this are pretty self-explanatory. Anyway, Hooters has of course jumped on the proverbial bandwagon and offered this service as well. And what better way to advertise your sweet game day shuttle than with a big two-foot by four-foot banner.

Pretty sick banner. I especially love how it says that the bus leaves "1 hours" before kickoff. I mean it sort of leaves you guessing; does it leave one hour before or hours before or one or more or less or more? Shit, I don't know! Apparently, Hooters doesn't know either. It's almost as if no one made a final decision on when the bus would leave so they just covered all their bases.

"Should it leave two hours before, an hour before?"

"Oh I don't know, how about both?"

"Oh I like that, we don't even have to decide!"

Pretty solid decision making if you ask me. I mean what's better than simultaneously confusing the piss out of people and making Hooters once again perfectly fit its "hey, we're stupid" stereotype.

Hey, maybe no one will notice, it's only size 400 font after all.


  1. ahahaha! has anyone asked you how long exactly 1 hours is?! do they not run a spell check on banners or what? have a good weekend =)

  2. I think its funny that you continue to notice the grammer errors. Most ppl would never even pay attention. I noticed it on the 2nd read but not the first.

  3. I see you chose to just change the error rather than approve my comment that pointed it out. Perhaps you should also add a question mark to the end of that sentence, since it's actually a question and not a statement.

    Just doing my part to make you not look like a dumbass.

  4. I post all my comments...unfortunately I accidently hit the wrong button and there is no way to repost a deleted comment. Shit happens.

    Also, not adding a question mark was a choice I made on purpose. While it is indeed a question, I felt it was more purposeful as a statement. As this is a simple blog and not an English paper I don't write in a formal style, obviously.

    Thank you however for pointing out my error. I fixed it because you were right and I hadn't noticed it. You don't have to be so rude about it.

  5. Sorry if my reply sounded defensive. My boyfriend is missing in a town that he is unfamiliar with and I am a little edgy.

  6. You hypocrite! YOU FILTHY RAGING DUMBASS!


  7. Well, Edd, at least I'm not a filthy raging asshole (you seem to have that market cornered). While I realize failure is the correct usage, I decided to go with fail because it fits the nature of my blog. Perhaps you didn't notice, but I use a very conversational voice in my writing. This is not a research paper so I refrain from using a formal tone. It's a blog.

    By the way, I used it because I enjoy the way it sounds. Much like "Fail Blog" for example. Yes, it should be "Failure Blog," but that sounds like shit. It's called artistic license. Another example would be having the name Edd with double d's or using ALL CAPS TO GET A POINT ACROSS.



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