02 September 2009

A New Trick

I've almost mastered a new trick. On slow day shifts you have a lot of time to try stupid things that will impress people. Below you'll see an example.

Me and another Hooters Girl are currently in a race to see who'll be able to do it first. So far I'm ahead, though my beers are still a little foamy. Only downside is that my inner thighs are none too happy with me. Apparently, when you remove your hands from the bar stool rodeo it takes a significant amount of muscle from the inner thigh. Luckily my nylons hide my bruises and prevent me from looking like a rape victim. Here's hoping this will help my tips!


  1. Wow can you really do that?! The beer should cost more for being poured through such an amazing trick.. good luck with it!

  2. we're not allowed to do anything fun like that. :o/

  3. Really? They don't let you do stuff like that? That is a tip upper for sure. Plus, it's really fun, not gonna lie!



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