29 September 2009

Please Donate

"There's a guy up front who'd like to speak with you," a said to GM as I motioned toward the door.

As GM was walking toward the door I watched expectantly.  The man had that look about him that shouted, "I'm asking for money."  Ready with his business card, the man had the glitter of sponsorship in his eye.  Being that we're in a college town with enumerable sporting organizations, class projects, nonprofit organizations and countless other entities needing money, this is a very common occurrence at Hooters.

Also common at Hooters is the type of things GM donates money to.  While I realize GM could never donate to each and every cause, he has a certain way of deciding what to donate to.  Of course, GM donates to big things - like Griz Football - and things that interest him like funny car racing.  He didn't donate to the Red Hat Ladies (who don't come in anymore) or the Girl Scouts.  He didn't even put up a poster for the volleyball team, but he was all about the cheerleaders.  Needless to say he is a finicky philanthropist.

So as the man turned and exited the building I wasn't surprised.  He obviously didn't represent something big or sexy enough for GM to offer his support.

"You'll never believe what that guy wanted me to donate to," GM scoffed in disbelief.  "Some coach or something for the track team.  I mean the guy seriously thought I'd donate money to the track team?  Really?!"

I stared at him blankly.

Obviously expecting a response signaling my agreement, GM continued, "Well you get it, right? I mean you played a college sport didn't you?  Track isn't even a sport if you ask me.  It's just running.  Definitely not a sport."

I continued to stare.

"What sport did you play again?  Basketball or something?"

"I ran track."

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