29 September 2009

The Girl On the Menu

About a million times a day I get asked the following question.  Ok, so it's really more like a few times a week, but whatever.  Here goes:

"Are you the girl on the front of this menu?"

Sorry to disappoint, but no, I am not the amazingly beautiful girl on the front of every single book, on every single table, at every single Hooters.  I wish I was, but alas I am not.  Thank you for thinking I am though, because you thinking that I look like her is a compliment I will most graciously accept.  Let's face it, she's sexy and I am glad that you find me close enough to her sexiness to mistake me for her.  I bask in her sexy that you place upon me.

Here's the thing though.  Just because I am brunette and blue eyed does not make me this girl.  I, in fact, think I look nothing like this girl.  You see my eyes, though they are blue, are much, much darker than hers.  My hair is also shorter and my nose is not even close to that "button" looking.  I am most definitely not this girl.  Sorry to ruin the illusion.

Perhaps I should just start saying, "Damn right that's me.  Thanks for noticing!"

I just cut my hair, got a nose job and started wearing really dark blue contacts...


  1. That's a pretty flattering compliment. But don't you think most people would be able to tell the facial differences between you and Breanne Ashley (the Hooters Girl on the menu)?

    BTW, I think Breanne is a drop-dead gorgeous woman, but that's a story for another day.

  2. I hope it didn't come off like I don't appreciate the compliment; I agree it is VERY flattering!

    I also agree that people should be able to easily tell the difference between Breanne and I. Asking a few of my coworkers they agree that if one was to glance at the picture it could be mistaken for me.

    At any rate I greatly appreciate the compliment!

  3. Oh no, don't worry Sauce. You didn't come off as being unappreciative at all. I'm glad you like it!

    Keep up the great work with your blog! I read just about every post of yours and love what you have to say. People who insinuate that Hooters Girls are immature bimbos should take a look at your blog, or at the Hooters Experience, or the Hooters Girl. That'll change their misconception real quick. I really feel that Hooters servers are a lot smarter and more mature than some people think.



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