19 September 2009

Decisions, Decisions

At Hooters there are days when we don't wear the customary orange and white that is synonymous with Hooters Girls.  This may include Fridays and UFC nights when we wear black, holidays like Halloween, and special events like "Are You Smarter Than A Hooters Girl?" when we, for example, wear school girl outfits.  Outfits other than the orange and black uniforms all have one thing in common, they must be approved by corporate before we are allowed to wear them.  This ensures that any outfit is still in keeping with the Hooters Girl image and that any given restaurant doesn't have too many none Hooters outfits.  After all, you go to Hooters to see Hooters Girls.

Recently, our Hooters was given a choice between two new outfits to wear on football game days.  One is a white and orange Hooters football jersey (as pictured on the left, not the jerseys on the two girls), the other is a referee inspired tank top.  Both uniforms are worn with the traditional Hooters shorts, nylons, socks, and shoes.  Rather than simply tell us to order both uniforms, management placed pictures in the dressing room with a list beneath on which to mark our choice.  Mayhem ensued.

Rather than simply placing names, people began writing pros and cons and made an "either" column until eventually the paper became such a mess than you can hardly even read it.  Of course it couldn't just be a simple decision.  This is Hooters.  Hooters is full of girls.  Girls never make anything easy.  So as of yet a decision hasn't been made, naturally.

So what are my thoughts?  I personally like the ref outfit.  Not only do I find it more flattering in design, but I think it's far more versatile.  Think about it, a ref outfit can be worn not only for football but basketball as well and I'm all about getting the most out of my uniforms when I'm constantly blowing money on nylons every freaking week.  Back to the fit, the referee uniform shows off the curves that Hooters is known for.  It shows off the boobs and the hips.  The jersey, while it is adorable, hides the boobs.  I mean, yeah, it looks great on the model in the photo, but she has huge fake tits.  They'd look good in a paper bag.  Finally, I've seen the jersey in person and as a tall girl I am very worried about the length.  I prefer to not look like I'm wearing children's clothing.  It's just a personal preference.

I'm ref all the way.  What do you think?


  1. Versatility plus boobs - what more could anyone ask for from a Hooters outfit?

  2. I agree the jersey is sure cute...but still...oh I don't know!

  3. I'd go with the jersey. I assure you, your boobs will still look pretty amazing beneath it, and it is so, so nice to have a shirt that provides a bit of warmth as the days get chillier. The jersey is a life saver on those PMS-y days where you feel as though you are roughly the size and shape of a rhinoceros. In addition, the jersey would be more universally flattering; it's low cut, so boobs look good, but loose in the midriff section. The tank, however, seems as though it might make a short girl look stubby.

  4. There's something about a girl in a football jersey ... or a baseball jersey or a hockey sweater.

  5. I only recently found your blog, and am reading this for the first time. I realize it's WAY late as far as response time goes and that the decision was surely already made. Just wanted to throw my two cents in...I like the ref uniform and agree with you on the versatility aspect. The jersey is super cute, but the ref uniform has both the cute AND the sexy appeal. Plus, it covers a wide array of sports.

    So, having said that, I'm curious to know...What was the final decision??? :-)



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