06 September 2009

Search Term Sunday: Hooters Ranch Dressing

It seems that many a Hooters patron is curious about that all-important condiment ranch dressing. Various combinations of Hooters, dressing and ranch have occurred in my search terms countless times. You see, Hooters serves wings and ranch goes with wings quite nicely; the curiosity is understandable.

Of course, beyond ranch so perfectly accompanying wings, ranch is quite possibly America's favorite condiment. Feel free to argue with me, ketchup (or catsup if you prefer) lovers, but I will fight for the honor of ranch to the death. Do you eat ketchup on pizza, breadsticks, cheese sticks, salads and wings? I think not. Yes, Americans love ranch and all of its creamy, calorie packed goodness. Ranch has effortlessly captured the hearts of the American people.

As a contrast, I offer you a scenario involving an Italian exchange student who recently had his first Hooters experience. His first statement was that he thought we'd all be on roller skates. I was sorry to disappoint. After realizing we wear shoes, his next inquiry was to try ranch dressing. He hated it. You see ranch is a truly American phenomenon. It is lost on the rest of the world, much like Kraft Mac and Cheese and microwave popcorn (seriously, bring some on your next trip to Europe and watch minds be blown). It's fine though; we'll keep all the ranch for ourselves.

In a country in love with ranch, what makes Hooters ranch so special? Well, it's really freaking good ranch. You know how it is, restaurant ranch is amazing and no matter how hard you search and how many brands you try nothing in the store ever compares. It's like some cruel joke. I can just imagine ranch manufactures laughing at us all now. Hooters ranch is much like that - it's the Holy Grail of ranch. I would even go so far as to say it is perhaps my favorite ranch. Yes, I will denounce all other ranch dressings for the deliciousness of that provided at Hooters. A big deal, I know.

Logically, after all my ranch rambling, you are probably most curious as to what ranch Hooters uses. Well, at my Hooters we actually use a lite ranch produced by a company called Naturally Fresh*. Yes, you heard me right, a lite ranch. Don't let the word lite frighten you, it is still a most epic and enjoyable condiment. And the best news, you can order Naturally Fresh products online! Seriously, YOU CAN ORDER THE BEST RANCH EVER RIGHT HERE.

You can thank me later for the party that will occur in your mouth if you order.

*Please note that as Hooters is franchised some locations may use a different condiment provider. However, all of the Hooters I have personally visited have use this brand.


  1. the bf saves his ranch when I bring him hooters wings home after work haha. i always bring him extras.

  2. It drives me bananas the amount of things people will put ranch on. It is ridiculous! :)

    And I 100% agree - Ranch beats any condiment out there for fav' for Americans.

    The microwave popcorn thing is hysterical! Really? They don't have that in Europe? Who knew. I am definitely sending some to my friends in their next package.

  3. They don't have it in The Netherlands at least...my friends and family are still quite enamored with it.

  4. When I was living in Ireland, the four other exchange students and I would have our moms send us the following things in our care packages:
    Ranch Dressing
    Lucky Charms (the Irish love these, no joke!)
    Kraft Mac n Cheese
    Jif Peanut Butter

    The cook at our school asked to try my ranch one day...her eyes got real big and she exclaimed "oh that's GORGEOUS!"

    In a land where everything comes deep fried and served with potatoes and beer...they too love the ranch!

  5. I'm Irish and I currently live in Scotland and we do indeed have microwave popcorn (at least in the UK). Maybe mainland Europe is different. I think we have our own version of Kraft Mac n cheese too. Mac n Cheese is really popular in Scotland. I have no idea why!

  6. Hmmm...

    I'm Austrian (not from Kangaroo-land ;-)) and we do have microwave popcorn.

    But we don't have ranch - at least not outside Hooters

    I'm enjoying reading your blog, greetings from Vienna!



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