17 February 2011

The Biebs

Yes, that is the infamous Justin Bieber in my blog's background.  No, I don't particularly care for Justin Bieber.  But I figured as people have started to notice, I might as well address his prepubescent presence.

So why the Biebs?  Well, Hooters' walls are festooned with photos of fames people.  And when you type "famous people at Hooters" into Google he's right there on the top.

Plus, Dreamy has an ongoing joke about how much he likes him that stems from people telling him he looks like Justin Bieber.  For the record Dreamy looks NOTHING like Justin Bieber.  Unless Justin Bieber is suddenly 6'8 and his balls have dropped.  Really Dreamy looks a lot like Ashton Kutcher.  Especially in that new movie with Natalie Portman.  Seriously, seeing that movie freaked me out with how much Ashton Kutcher looked like my damn boyfriend.  I could date uglier people I suppose.

Wow, look at me ramble!

Bieber Fever.


  1. My wife seems to think Biebers mom is cool. Who knows.. Off topic I know.

    And yes you could date uglier people. I can send you pictures of some of the people that came in to eat tonight. Scary!

  2. Heh. The Biebs is going to be on CSI tonight, too. Reprising a role he played a while back. He's *everywhere*. Scary.



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