08 February 2011

Hands Off

Not my butt.  CREDIT.
Once upon the time - meaning Friday - a customer at Hooters went over the line.  In a moment one man went from regular ass to unbearable ass.  And all he did was touch a Hooters Girl.

Twin Tower was waiting on a table of two gentlemen who were unashamed to share their uncouth comments.  Now this might seem like something that is somewhat common at a place like Hooters, but really it's not.  I like to think this is because most people are smart enough to realize that we don't give a shit about what they say.  After all Hooters is just another sports bar when you really get down to it.  I also like to think that people are smart enough to realize that being a jerk isn't going to do a damn thing for them.  These guys were apparently not of this particular IQ level.

 So they began with their comments and while they were annoying and occasionally rude they were innocent.  Twin Tower, being a girl with a sense of humor, deftly handled their words with quick comebacks and expertly planned exits. 

Then it happened.  One of the men reached out and touched Twin Tower.  In fact, he not only touched her but put his hand inside the front of her shorts, grabbing the fabric as he pulled her toward him.  After letting him know this was inappropriate and meeting shock and disbelief, Twin Tower did what any girl would do and grabbed the manager to talk to the table.

Of course these particular gentlemen weren't the type to head the words of a manager.  They were the type to yell and make a scene and blame everything on the manager.  They said they'd never come to Hooters again and tell all their friends to do the same.  For this I would have thanked them.

After having a temper tantrum, the men noisily made their leave.  Naturally they left a messy table and no tip on their way out.

I love people.


  1. What a jackass! Amazing that she kept her calm and just got the manager! Hope they really don't come back!

  2. I really like how people like that think that "taking their business elsewhere" is a threat. Like everyone in the place will be so upset to be deprived of their business. For me it would be like, "Then why are you still sitting here? Don't let the door hit you . . ." Honestly.

  3. I can't believe anyone would think that behavior was ok anywhere really. Every time I go to Hooters now I think about you and your blog.

  4. how the hell did she keep her cool? Anyone's hand down the front of my shorts would automatically receive a slap across the face, just as a reflex. Just out of curiosity, are you allowed to do anything to a customer who gropes you without being fired?

  5. Yeah, I wouldn't have kept my cool either. As far as what we can do, the best bet is to just get a manager and let them handle the situation; nine times out of ten the customer will be asked to leave and be 86'd from the restaurant from then forward.



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