09 February 2011

Someone is a Graduate Student

This Hooters Girl is going to graduate school.  Yes, I was just accepted this morning and I have already spread the news like wildfire via Facebook and cellphone (which I hope will soon be an iPhone on my day of birth).  I proudly proclaim, "I am nerd!"  My brain is thirsting for knowledge and my resume is hungry for a way to get me a real job where I can wear pants - one day; grad school should do both those things nicely.

I'm now going to have a celebration because I'll use any excuse to have a good time.  Celebrations are even better when the reason is totally legitimate.

Oh and I get a new computer now which is awesome considering since my wreck a year ago the screen is slowly but surely going to shit.  Can't say I'll miss the cracks and growing black spots.

Go me!


  1. Hey, that's awesome news... Congrats! :D
    In which field are you going to work/study ? and is it a Masters program, or a PhD ?

  2. It's an MBA program. I will be doing an emphasis in marketing with a sports marketing option.

  3. Congrats! Are you still going to continue writing here? Your writing is full of awesome and I really enjoy reading your blog! :O

  4. I'm a bit behind on reading your blog.
    Hooray for Grad School!
    Hooray for a new computer! :-)
    Did you get the iPhone you wanted for your birthday???



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