22 February 2011

Birthday Princess

Tomorrow is my birthday, but as I have Wednesdays off I celebrated my Hooters birthday today.  Basically it was the same as any other day at work, but I got to wear a sash and a crown.  While that might seem like a pretty small thing, it turned out to be anything but.  That sash and crown were total money makers.  Not only did only two tables leave me under 20%, but I even got a few dollars here and there from other tables.  I ended up making a cool 34% (not counting the $20 Barnes and Noble giftcard one regular left me)

Now before you go and say that isn't fair, I think it's more than fine to have at least one day a year when you're guaranteed to have a good tip day.  And dammit that day should be your freaking birthday.  I suggest everyone leave their shame at home and whore themselves out on their special day with a crown and sash.

In addition to becoming rich, my manager made me the most beautiful cupcakes.  This girl seriously hasn't had a birthday cake in probably five years and today I got these; I was effing stoked.  Check out these beauties!

Yup, that's a guitar made out of fondant.  Did I also mention they were filled with Almond Joy frosting? Yes, such a thing actually exists.

Being old is fun!


  1. The Almond Joy frosting actually stunned me for about 4 seconds. Incredible.

  2. 1. wear sash everyday
    2. profit

  3. Happy Birthday!


    I would pretty much be the most excited about the cupcakes, esecially the magical little fondant guitar.

    Live it up and I hope that tonight finds you having all sorts of crazy fun.

  5. The thought crossed my mind to wear the sash once a month - but I have a soul.

    And, Adam, if by crazy fun you mean the type of fun that involves so much alcohol I probably won't remember...I'm on it!

    You guys rock :)

  6. Happy Birthday, Sauce! Glad your day was fun and you made a few bucks!

  7. Happy Birthday!!! Hope it was great. Sorry I'm a day late ;)

  8. Do you have a recipe for that Almond Joy frosting?

  9. Thanks again, everyone! And no, I don't have a recipe for the frosting. :(

  10. I'm bummed that I missed posting on your birthday! So, happy (belated) birthday! I'm glad it turned out to be such a great day! I hit 33 in two days. I love February! :-) Have a great weekend!



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